Culture and Services
Sophiatown Bar Lounge is a culturally-themed bar lounge catering for the middle to upper class, young, black group as well as the early adopter tourist who wants a real taste of Africa. The style is Afro-chic with a high quality menu and an ambience that reminds you of the toe-tapping jazz era in Sophiatown.

The Sophiatown Bar Lounge Style

Sophiatown Bar Lounge places a strong emphasis on African culture and heritage in the spirit of Sophiatown. The style is Afro-chic aiming at the middle to upper class market.

Sophiatown Bar Lounge Patrons

The patrons of Sophiatown bar lounge can be broken up into two main categories. The first category is the new elite – young, mostly black, people aging between about 22-40 who are just hitting the good time in their careers and striving for an elevated way of living to show that they have arrived. They have high standards and demand quality in all areas and have many culturally-diverse friends who may also enjoy a little “black soul”.

The second category of patrons are those who are early adopter and culturally interested tourists who want a real taste of life in Africa and not just being part of organized tours. They may have found a black friend to help them experience Africa to the fullest.

The Menu

What would a bar lounge be without the menu? Sophiatown Bar Lounge aims to provide quality food in a simple, yet delicious, menu that appeals to the tastes of its target market.

Sophiatown Bar Lounge is all about appreciating African heritage and tradition at its finest and being the best one can be. For a great African cultural experience with class visit Sophiatown Bar Lounge on the corner of Jeppe and Henry Nxumalo streets.